We LOVE weddings.  We love the cherished traditions and the time-honored ceremonies.  But today’s bride often wants a little something extra in her wedding, something that expresses her ‘coloring-outside-the-lines’ side.   Something that makes her wedding unique and memorable if not downright eye-popping!  We’ve developed Dream Theme Weddings to help you make just that statement. Think of a Dream Theme Wedding as a short play or story of a few scenes within a wedding.  Our VFX and beauty artists, officiants, cake artisan and venues can help stage nearly anything you can imagine.  After all, it is your ONE wedding – make it YOURS! We’ll work collaboratively with your wedding planner. Best of all, it’s not expensive.  Browse through the theme ideas that follow or come up with your own.  We’ll be there to bring things together and capture your Dream Theme Wedding as your highlights video.


We can stage surprising scenes to scare and delight your victims. Imagine your groom’s anticipation as your pall bearers roll your coffin to the altar.  Imagine his delight as you emerge from the box back into the land of the living to howl at the moon as one.

Forget agonizing over color schemes, you’ve got your basic spooky orange and your basic black.  Amid the rustle of the leaves, howlings in the distance, black flowers, bubbling cauldrons, black lipstick, dark magic and many things evil, you and your betrothed make the scary pledge – ’till death do we part’ and hope it’s not tonight! Guests LOVE this theme.  Your wedding party will love your treat – “dress for Halloween!”

An interesting side note about this theme; statistically it’s been shown that couples who marry in a cemetary enjoy 40% less divorce than those who marry in a church.  Ok, ok, we made that up, but the point is that a Halloween wedding is super cool and cool couples have a better chance of making it work.  That’s a fact, Jack.

And decorating for a Halloween is amazing fun.  Just turn the dial the opposite way – all the way from sweet, good, kind and tasteful to dark, evil, scary, horrific … think Addams Family, Morticia.


Did the boy need a little convincin’?  Lookin’  down that steely double-barrel has that effect. And daddy with his itchy trigger finger is sure to make the hitchin’ go off without a hitch. This is a really fun theme for those weddings in which the cart got a bit ahead of the horse. Dads have so much fun playing these parts.


It was a suprise to us!  But it seems more than a few brides or grooms would like to sing to their intended.  Whether something simple such as a follow-spot on the bride as she sings while walking down the aisle or something more elaborate during the ceremony or reception, we’ve got you covered.

Emaginative Imaging’s audio experts can provide you with a wireless head-worn microphone or capture from a handheld and mix it in perfectly with a backing track or live capture from instrumentalists. No more bad sound in your video! You’ll have the performance of a lifetime to enjoy for years to come.  Check out the short clip of bride Kaitlyn singing to her new husband Steve in the video above.


Imagine your necromantic guests witnessing that most beautiful moment when you and your undead take that slow belabored  zombie-walk to the alter to become as one.  This theme offers the most amazing photographic opportunities of all our themes.  The looks are outrageous, the zombie mannerisms hysterical.  And yes, the officiant will play along in style.  It will be a wedding unlike anything your guests ever imagined.  But then, it IS something only YOU would do.


What could be more romantic and memorable than a crime scene in a wedding?  We can’t imagine.  From “Mistaken Identity,”  to “Runnin’ From The Law,” to custom scenes, we can collaboratively script a plot with you that will surprise and delight your guests. We can provide the visual effects artist, props, sounds and yes, even cops.  Our expert videographers will capture the crime scene in your wedding in detail – you’ll need proof in years to come that the stories about your wedding are true, that you REALLY DID IT!

Want more ideas?  Roarin’ 20’s, Gothic, Harley Davidson, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates, 50’s, Skulls & Tats, Addams Family, Old West, Rock ‘n Roll Bride (Groom), Victorian Grace, Big Bang Theory, Circus, IT … ok, we’re kidding about IT but you get the idea.  The possibilities are endless!

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