It’s not about us as individuals.  It’s “about” our collective orientation.  We’re small; boutique-sized by choice.  We’re not driven by business concerns; instead, we’re honestly motivated by the opportunity to create and produce the best work of our lives.  Whether our project is a wedding, a photo shoot, a video commercial, a tribute to a loved one, each provides an opening to infuse thoughtful creativity and imagination.  Therein lies the fun, and sets our northstar. 

We’re different from other photographers and videographers.  Producing ‘trendy’ is easy, offering ‘routine’ is easy, and, deliverying the ‘expected’ – likewise.  None fit.  Our tagline – Unexpected Creativity – wears like a rubber glove.  Check out our testimonials in the link Feedback.

We use the word imaging often instead of photography or videography as we well know it’s not the medium but the message.  Imaging is messaging.  It’s that particular moment captured in time which simply must speak. We’re moved when it relates to and touches us – when it conveys its message of magic, drama, joy, angst, humor or understanding. Imaging is so much more than technique, it is an art of high order.

As the pictures on the home page progress, you can imagine a back-story for each – a mother’s immense joy, a mystery in a young model’s gaze, devotion to a musical voice, a love story, what risky entanglement that mysterious beauty in detective Sam Spade’s office will bring, wondering what so captivates a child’s attention … they each speak. They’re messages and they fire the imagination. 


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